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Surface Active Technologies

Everyone around the world is faced with the challenges of contaminated liquids, from our drinking water to industrial fluids. That is why more and more companies are turning to innovations that create active surfaces in materials and components — and in particular Surfatas LLC. We apply the latest technologies to improve filtration and separation performance through active surface technologies. The result: your materials and systems work harder because their surfaces can do more. That gives you more confidence, more performance, and more profitability.

Our technologies apply to consumer, commercial, and industrial products in North and South America, Asia, Europe, and Africa. When your filtration media surface is active against contaminants, in addition to screening them, then contaminant reduction is enhanced. Sometimes materials previously unconsidered or rejected might now be feasible — because of these active surfaces. Cost reductions or performance enhancements become possible.

If you want to lengthen water filtration cycles, extract precious metals from effluent, increase purity levels, or reduce contaminates in fluids efficiently, a call to Surfatas will get you results.

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